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We have captured some great videos of our walks. Check ‘em out on our DogTube channel 

 What the Dog?

It wouldn’t be fair for your dog to be the only one having fun at Release The Hounds, so the next one’s for you. Check out some of the great links and videos we have posted that just might have you saying, “What the… dog?”

James Bond Dog

We believe in exceptional training at Release The Hounds. This dog has been trained so well in a ‘James Bond’ style, he made national TV in the UK. Click here for video.

 Jesse does everything!

 Jesse has been trained to do everything around the house – now it’s just time to get the kids taking on some responsibility.  Click here for video.

 Two Dogs Dining

These well trained dogs display their pateince and manners as they go out to dinner.  Click here for video.

The Dog Blog

In the book Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know, Alexandra Horowitz gives us a glimpse into what might be going through the mind of a dog. What do you think is going through a dog’s mind when they do things such as jump on the bed, eat your beloved shoe collection, […]

Customer Testimonials

Under the expert supervision of Release the Hounds Kola enjoys wonderful long group walks three times per week. Kola benefits from the off-leash social interaction with dogs of many breeds. As a result, our...

– Anna-Lisa Major
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Take a moment a look through our "family photo album". Feel free to follow the link below to our Flickr page for more photos!

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Check out the latest funny / amazing dog videos on our Youtube page by clicking the link below!

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