5 Tips on How to Survive the Summer Heat with your Dog

Not sure how to keep your dog cool this summer? We understand it can be a difficult task. Here are 5 tips on how to survive the summer heat with your dog.

     Keeping your dog cool this summer can be daunting. Especially when you have no air conditioning, or perhaps Sparky loves to zoom around in the backyard for too long. Or maybe you have a dog with mounds of fur.  Either way, we have made a list to help you and your dog out this summer.

5 Tips on How to Survive the Summer Heat with your Dog

1. Hydrate

Water is so refreshing and can prevent heat exhaustion.  Make sure to always keep an eye on your pets’ water dish, making sure it is freshly filled.

2. Baby pool, water hose, and a sprinkler, OH MY!

Your dog will have tons of fun playing in the water, no matter how it is provided.  If you are lucky enough, get going to the beach, just make sure to bring the Frisbee!

3. Keep dogs out of warm vehicles

Cars can heat up fast, especially in the middle of summer. It is highly recommended to not keep furry friends in vehicles.  If you must, try and keep the time to a minimum, provide fresh water, crack the windows and park in a shaded area.

4. Cool down with some yummy frozen treats!

DogVacay has 5 frosty ideas for your dog. Yum!

Here are 5 more Pupsicle recipes from Dogs & Cats Rule

5. Grooming your pup

Grooming can help clean up the coat and minimize any extra heating during the summer months.  And well, they are just so darn cute when they get a hair cut.

     Let’s face it, those frozen treats sound amazing, and having an excuse to go to the beach is not bad at all.  Keep cool this summer, and remember to have fun!

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