A Candid Interview with Release the Hounds’ Top Dog, James Woller

Vancouver Based Release the Hounds’ James Woller Shines Light on Integrity, Leadership and Success

James Woller is a committed, high-integrity, results-producing professional with experience working in positions that have required organizational leadership, impact and the ability to work through strategic issues. A critical thinker and strategic planner, able to scope complexity and challenges and has proven results of moving an organization forward[pullquote]Trust to me is one of the most essential attributes for building a strong team.[/pullquote]

At an early age, James’ entrepreneurial spirit was evident as he built a substantial landscaping company in Kansas City mowing over 130 lawns per week. He has since spent the last nine years working in business, government and not-for-profit industries.  He is currently president of Release the Hounds, a dog-services industry leader in Vancouver. Release the Hounds has become an industry name for professionalism, safety and fun. Recently, Release the Hounds introduced Canada’s first-ever dog-friendly Corporate Wellness Program which will ultimately help companies retain and attract top talent with their Hound Friendly approach.

James studied International Affairs and Economic Development at Trinity Western University. He lives with his wife Rose and young daughter Mikayla in South Surrey, BC. James loves spending time with his family and friends, is an avid tennis player and loves to read and travel in his spare time. More recently, James Woller is helping thousands of impoverished people get access to much-needed food and nutrition at Thrive For Good.

Here’s a sneak peek into this inspiring interview with Woller…

Must-have apps to get you through a week?  Box, SalesForce1, TurboScan and DocuSign

How do you define success?  Success has to be holistic and integrated. It cannot simply be attached to one element of life. To me success is when I am living out my values and moral compass; have healthy relationships, leave the world a better place than when I entered it; and have excelled in my full potential.

Who is your role model and why?  Bono. He is incredibly balanced, passionate and has used his position and status at great lengths to make a difference and help others.


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