Behaviour Correlations Between Dogs and Humans with Barbara J. King

Cats, Dogs, Humans, OH MY!  Are Animals of all shapes and sizes similar in behaviour after all?  The study continues with Anthropologist Barbara J. King.

I came across an article written by cat lover, and anthropologist Barbara J. King, “Mind Your Moods, Cat Lovers,” and was inspired by her insight into the animal world. I then looked deeper into her work to see if she could shine some light on the dog world.

King recently wrote a piece called, “Animal Behaviour: Two Dogs and an Ice Cream Cone.” It was a great example of how animals, in both human and non-human forms, all share similar behaviour patterns.

She used a video of Cooper and Daisy eating an ice cream cone to depict this concept. In the video, delicate Daisy takes her time eating the ice cream cone. Cooper, on the other hand, must wait for Daisy to finish before he gets his turn at the vanilla goodness. He impatiently waits, listening to his owner’s reminders of sitting and waiting for his furry friend, Daisy, to finish. Alas, it is his turn, Cooper devours his share of the cone on command.

Barbara pointed out a very intriguing idea; something seemed vaguely familiar in this video. [pullquote]I burst into laughter seeing Cooper’s method of ice-cream consumption…the inner Barbara sometimes just wants to channel Cooper.[/pullquote]This behaviour was oddly familiar. The licking lips, salivating, darting eye contact with that forbidden treat, feeling a sense of restlessness when told “no.” Was in fact, very comparable to human behaviour.

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To study this a little closer, Cooper seemed to know the rules as if this has taken place previously – numerous times. He backs off when he receives the “no” or lowered voice of disapproval, just as humans would as well. It seems rule-following ensures order in all animal kingdoms.

Check out Cooper, Daisy and their ice cream cone for a good chuckle here!

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