Holiday Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Lovers!


20 Pet Lover Gift Ideas for The Holidays


If you’re like us, you’ve probably got a lot of gifts for friends and family members to buy.


One family member you should never forget or neglect is your cat or dog. After all, these four legged creatures deserve all the love, nurture and toys on the holidays. 


To help save your holiday shopping stress, we’ve come up with some top gift ideas for pet lovers, such as useful trinkets to make pet parenting a little easier – to gifts that will just downright spoil your pup. Check out our favourites below!

holiday dog


20 Gift ideas for pet lovers

The great thing about pets is that there’s a variety of gifts out there. In fact, it would take several series of blogs to showcase them all. After browsing through the web, here are our top pics: 


Customizable food dish


Customize a cute food dish with their pet’s name on it or a special message from you! You can DIY at a local Paint-Your-Own Ceramics shop or order online. There are many Paint-Your-Own shops in West Vancouver, but we’ve picked out and, to name a few. Call ahead to check if they have any dog dish-style ceramics in stock!


Bespoke silver keychain

Have a custom-made sterling silver keychain made of their pet! Many shops on Etsy take custom orders using a photograph to create an imprinted image keychain; you can check them out at the link before or ask your local engraving shop.


DIY Paw-Print Dough Ornament! 

Take 1 cup of flour, ½ water, 1 cup of salt, and mix together in a bowl. Knead the dough once mixed and press down onto a foil sheet. From here, you can use a round glass to cut a circle shape or use a custom cookie-cutter if you have one! 


Press your pet’s paw gently into the dough ornament, and once finished, bake on low heat (About 200 degrees F) for 1 to 2 hours (oven depending). If you’re unsure and want to wash a step-by-step, there are many tutorials on YouTube, or you can purchase an ornament making kit. Many retailers sell them during the holidays or check out


Paw Soother

Sometimes pets can play too much on a range of different terrains; they don’t realize they’ve damaged their paws. A paw soot


her is a natural ointment you can place over cracked paws without stinging them and allows them to be healed quickly.


Car Seat Cover


These can be quite expensive, but car seat covers can be a great gift for someone who loves taking their pup to the dog park with the right sale. Some are built like hammocks that keep your dog safely in the back seat. We recommend investing in a decent quality one, as some of the cheaper covers aren’t waterproof or fitted properly to cover the entire back seat. 


They usually come with adjustable straps for easy installation and quick disassembly for passengers. A good cover should also have slots for seat belts if you want to secure your dog with a dog harness/safety belt.Click here for an example of one such product on available on


Outdoor Swimming Pool

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always get outside when we want to. Show your dog some love and have some fun by getting them an outdoor swimming pool. These pools are easy to build and can fit any sized dog. All you need is a backyard, and you’re guaranteed to have some fun and stop your dog from getting bored.


Matching face mask and bandana

One great pet lover gift idea is getting your pet a bandana. These bandanas can come in a range of patterns, styles, sizes and colours, making your pet look the coolest in town. Add to their image by getting a matching fask mask to contribute, further the bonding experience.


Heated pet bed 

Make Christmas that extra bit special by allowing your pet to feel comfortable and warm with a heated pet bed. These beds can provide optimum comfort for your pet by heating up and retaining their heat on those extra snowy cold days. The heat is also of low wattage, and the effect can be removed, allowing you to use it in all seasons.


A Pattern Collar or Leash


Many pet lovers will be excited to know they can have their favourite movie, tv-show, or comic book themed patterns customized into a collar or leash for their pet. One of our favourite designers, Peachy Keen Pets, has tons of pop-culture splashed gear available online or in retailers across Canada.

peachy keen pets


Dog life jacket

Do you have a canine that loves exploring water? Give them an extra bit of safety when in the sea by getting them a dog life jacket. They’re especially great for elderly pets who can’t really navigate themselves through rafts or strong seas. In addition to providing the dog buoyancy, they can also be pulled out of the water quickly with their durable handles at the top.


Petzone IQ Treat Dispenser 


If you live a hectic lifestyle and feel guilty about not being there to show your pet love and affection, get them a treat dispenser. This is mainly available for dogs of both small and large sizes. The purpose slowly allows your dog to roll the ball, and then treats will come out over a slow period. It’s a great toy for mental and physical exercise. 


Plus, you can easily pull it apart, clean it and store whatever treats your pet loves. It’s a practical and portable present that can be used anywhere. 

Cat Ears and Paws White Gold Plated Ring

For the cat lover, check out meowingtons for tons of cat-themed apparel and accessories. One of our favourites is this white gold-plated cat ring!

Cat Ring


Paw Cleaner 

How much does your pet like to play? Sometimes, even if you leave your pet unsupervised, you can find them stuck in the mud. Similarly, if you love to take them out to parks, beaches or on trails, it can be quite a tedious cleaning job after. Save your pet the stress of bath time by getting them a quick paw cleaner! It also stops your car seats and floors from getting muddy easily. A truly practical and simple holiday gift. 


Pet Massager 

If your pet gets anxious easily, you could get them a pet massager. There’s a lot of options to choose from for pet massagers, but some of the best are battery based. 

These machines have mini massagers working in a clockwise and anticlockwise motion, aiding their blood circulation. It can also reduce their stress and anxiety levels by providing different types of massages. This is a fantastic gift to show your pet that you care about them. 



Collapsible pet dish

For the adventurer, consider a collapsible pet dish to easily accompany pet parents on hikes and long walks, ensuring a quick dish

 for their pup to keep hydrated! It’s incredibly convenient as you can attach it to their collar or any bag of yours!

dog bowl



Classic Kong Toy 


Get the Classic Kong Toy because you know you want to spoil their pup silly. If you’re not familiar with these toys, they serve as a great mental challenge for any canine. You can fill them with treats or food, then seal them with peanut butter. The Kong toy will provide your pet with endless amounts of fun for hours. 




Whistle Go Explore

Learn about your pet even more by tracking their data using a Whistle Go Explore. This GPS device attaches to your dog’s collar, allowing you to track their location from your smartphone. It also enables you to set fitness goals, monitor their health and speak to an e-vet. 

Kong Keychain 

Kongs are fun, not just for dogs but for humans! Take a part of your dog’s favourite toy with you at any time by having a miniature Kong keych

ain with you. 


LED leash

Add more diversity to your walks by taking your pet out at night using a LED leash. These leashes are USB rechargeable and come in bright 

neon green. They help you light the way so your dog can see in front and also stop vehicles from hitting them.


Adventure hikes from Release the Hounds 


We offer a variety of on-leash or off-leash daily adventures for your pup! We will pick them up from your place, take them on a magical


 adventure, play with them, love them, exercise them, tell them they’re pretty and more, all while you’re at work. Check out all of our services here.



More gift ideas


Don’t forget the essentials! While these items are certainly the “socks” of pet gifts for your pet loving friend, you can’t deny the convenience and usefulness of these kinds of gifts. There are so many daily essentials that come with owning a pet, certainly, an addition of any of the following as a stocking stuffer would be greatly appreciated:



  • Dog Waste Bags (Consider buying in bulk, retailers like or Costco sell these in up to 400 piece packages!)
  • Lint Rollers. If your pet parent owns a thick-coated breed, these are a last minute lifesaver!
  • Why limit the possibilities? Consider gifting a gift card from your local pet store.



Overall, there are so many gifts you can get for your pet this holiday season. There are so many more out there than the ones we’ve listed above. Take your time to look at reviews online and see which presents are the best for your pet. 



What to gift a person who loves dogs?

There’s a range of gifts you can get for a dog lover! If you can’t buy them a dog, then we suggest getting them a plush cuddly dog or some

 dog designed products. You could get them customized socks with their favourite breed on a voucher for a dog cafe or anything to do with dogs!


What do you get a pet lover?

The best thing to get a pet lover is getting them accessories for their pets. After all, they love animals, and one way of showing appreciation is by showing their animals love. Similarly, you could also get them a pet too!


What to get a friend who just got a puppy?

If your friends just got a puppy, you might want to get them a few items to make their dog-owning experience a little bit easier. You might want to get them food supplies, treats, toys and more. Try and make it an easy experience for them. 


What do dog owners buy?

There’s not a one size fits all method for you to buy products for your dog. It all depends on what your pet likes such as treats, toys, food and more. But generally, you will want to buy cleaning supplies, bedding supplies, food, exercise equipment, toys and accessories. 


What a dog needs to be happy?

The best recipe to keep a dog happy is by keeping them physically, mentally and emotionally stimulated. This can be achieved through a healthy diet, regular exercise, mental stimulation and lots of love. 


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