How to Mentally Psyche Yourself up for a Rainy Dog Walk: checklist edition

It’s official. Fall is upon us full force, with rain, rain, and more rain for our dog walks.

If you’re like us, you might be staring into a closet full of tank tops, t-shirts, shorts or summer dresses, reminiscing on the good sunny days you had with your pupper. In fact, it might just give you the chills just thinking about walking your dog in this cold chilly, wet weather.


You might even be wondering is too wet to walk your dog outside? Or you might be hesitant due to the ill-acclaimed slightest of cold. The truth is, there are few things you can look for in regards to dog walking safety on a rainy day, and you might even have doubts

 whether you should even walk your dog in the rain.


Should I Walk My Dog In The Rain?

Before we delve into this article further, let’s tackle the topic of can I walk my dog in the rain? Well, you can walk your dog in the rain if you wish. There are many dog owners who do this, and if you feel comfortable and your dog is, then why not! You have to walk your dog properly, but the main thing you need to consider walking your dog in the rain is the environment around it.


While rain won’t make your dog ill, the puddles it walks into could make it sick. You never know what bacteria is lingering in the water. Especially if the 

puddles contain feces as the bacteria from other animals could make your dog ill.


Plus, if there are chemicals like antifreeze or agents which have spilt onto the ground, your dog could be in danger. This is because chemicals could easily find a way to travel and cause them harm. Similarly, if you own a short haired breed dog and the rain is cold, it could put your dog at risk of hypothermia. 


How to Walk Your Dog In The Rain

Even though we just highlighted the dangers of walking your dog in the rain, you can walk your dog safely. However, you must have adequate protection, and it’s best to get a variety of dog accessories to do this. 


One effective way is by getting doggie boots which help stops your dog’s feet from getting wet, keeping them clean and stopping any bad bacteria from entering their feet. You may also wish to consider getting them a raincoat; this prevents cold rain from having any effect on your dog’s body temperature.

Not all dogs like to walk in the rain, nor do they like a bath; however you can also train them to enjoy it. You can do this through positive reinforcement, which helps them learn through rewards based training.


If You’re Still Stuck to Decide, Here Are Some Signs to Help


It’s not too wet if…

  • You see other dog walkers out on regular walks
  • You have to squint to see the rain
  • The road is wet, but there’s no real puddle formation
  • The sidewalk curb is not flooded from clogged-up storm drains, and passing cars can’t splash my poor dog.
  • Runners are out in shorts and tank-tops
  • Pedestrians out grocery shopping or doing errands without an umbrella
  • Peewee soccer in the park is not cancelled; kids are swinging from the jungle gym in the playground
  • You can see a clearing on the horizon

I will not walk if…

  • You have to holler to be heard over the rain.
  • Sheets of rain are attacking the window glass sideways
  • My dog gingerly test his paws on grass, does his business very business-like, then immediately gives me that “Really? Do we REALLY need to go on?” look.

If your dog has been patiently waiting almost all day for some proper outdoor time, it’s not fair to let the weather stop you from taking them out. The chances are that you might been cooped up from being indoors all day and may need to have fresh air as well. 



So go through this checklist while digging around for your rain jackets and “winter” clothes. By the time you’re done, the rain either eased off, or you’ve worked up enough courage to get out and brace the element.

Sometimes dogs are always very articulate: eager eyes shifting between the leash in your hand and the door, ritual circle dance, propeller action of the tail. 


Are you ready? Let’s GO! It’s time to release the hounds.


People Also Ask…

What Do I Do With a Dog When it Rains?

When it rains, you can choose to take your dog outside for walking as long as you make sure they’re fully protected. Similarly, you can play games with them like hide and seek, tug of war, stairs workout, food dispensing toys and more.

Does Rain Wash Away Dog Poop? (Some People Really Do Ask!)

When it rains, dog poop washes into the water before it finally degrades. It then releases a lot of pathogens and bacteria into the environment.

Why Does My Dog Act Weird When It Rains?

Dogs can hear a lot more than us; in fact, up to four times stronger! This means thunder, rain or downpour can make them a bit restless and affect their mood. 

Does Rain Make Dogs Sleepy?

It is possible for rain to make dogs sleepy. A change of weather from barometric pressure can alter a dog’s mood, energy and behaviour. 



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