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About Our Dog Walking Coquitlam Programs

Release the Hounds provides Coquitlam dogs trailblazing opportunities to get the socialization and exercise they need. Our team of professional dog walkers will explore the parks of Coquitlam with your dog while providing them with a fun, safe and nurturing adventure.

We have also partnered with local Coquitlam veterinary clinics Eagle Ridge Animal Hospital and Lincoln Animal Hospital, and are affiliated with renowned dog trainer Annika McDade, as well as Sandy’s Dog Training Services to provide your dog with the best possible care in the dog walking industry. For specific dog walking services in Coquitlam, check out our rates to find something suitable to both your dog and your schedule. Interested in our community connections? For more about the Coquitlam Animal Shelter, click here.

We’re Here When You Can’t Be

At Release the Hounds we recognize that exercise is fundamental to your dog’s well being.

We know that sometimes, you can’t find the time, or simply aren’t able to get your dog out on a walk or hike. With convenient pick-up and drop-off options from your home or office, our professionally trained team will ensure your dog is walked beyond the block and straight into bliss.

Why Walk With Us

The Right Walk For
Every Dog.

Release the Hounds offers a variety of group dog walking programs that have been designed to create a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. Choose from private urban promenades or group play sessions in dog parks, to off-leash hikes through forest trails. This means there’s the right walk for every furry companion: little pups, big guys, teens and seniors, active breeds and mellow pups. In a group or as an individual, 30 minutes to 1 hour, we have something that fits your beloved dog, and your schedule.

Mind + Body Bliss:
The Benefits of a Walk

Fresh air and exercise are just the beginning. Socialization and good old-fashioned fun during a Release the Hounds walk will contribute to a happier, calmer, more responsive dog at home. In fact, dogs that maintain an ideal body weight have less medical conditions and live nearly two years longer; and who wouldn’t want two more years with their pet? Along with guidance from our certified walkers, your dog will also practice leash skills and adopt a more refined walking manner over time.

Leading the Industry,
One Dog at a Time

Release the Hounds is one of the largest and most trusted leaders in the pet industry, safely leading tens of thousands of dog walks since 2005.
It all comes down to our commitment to the fundamental principles of safety, reliability, and being trustworthy. We know that your dog is part of your family, so as part of our commitment to safety first, our team is bonded, licensed, and insured through the Canadian Northern Shield (CNS), and is Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid certified.
Release the Hounds has also partnered with one of Canada’s foremost trainers, Annika McDade, to develop DogForceU. This progressive dog walking certification and training program utilizes the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform; the award-winning Axonify. By helping our team learn smarter, our clients and their dogs will receive unparalleled service.

Safety in Every Step.

Every one of our dog walkers is selected, trained and experienced to deliver next-level care. They are loving, attentive, and safety conscious walkers. Each member of our team is certified dog safe through Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid. Beyond people, we have also developed comprehensive safety processes, protocols and technologies such as: air-conditioned vehicles, GPS monitored vans, GPS monitored walks (private walks), optional GPS collars (for off-leash walks), world class walker training and handling certification.

After the Walk Emails

For dogs on our private walks, you’ll receive a summary email detailing the day’s route. Our smartphone app tracks the walk, start and end times, as well as any stops along the way using GPS so you’ll have every detail recorded. Photos are included so you can visually enjoy your pup’s walking adventure.

Before We
Walk, We Talk…

Initial Phone Consultation / Dog Requirements

If this is your dog’s first time with us, please take a few minutes and book a time to talk with Mariana Azevedo, of our Care Team, who can answer any questions you may have. Mariana will ensure that we have your pup set up with the walk that is just right for them. You can easily book using our online calendar, simply click here.

Our entire team is trained by our Canine Behaviour Specialist, Annika McDade, multi-certified Professional Dog Trainer of Canine Connection Training. Annika championed the creation of our DogForceU training program. Working with industry leading specialists like Annika ensures that your dog is socially and behaviourally ready to join our group hikes or private walks.

In order to ensure that all the dogs on our group excursions have a safe and fun time, we ask that every dog must:

  • Exhibit positive social behaviours with other dogs and people
  • Have had up-to-date vaccinations, titre tests, or release form (See our vaccination policy)
  • Have a “clip” collar, martingale or buckle collar (no choke chains or pinch collars)
  • Have a valid license on their collar if required by the City
  • Be spayed/neutered to participate
  • To ensure the safety of the other dogs, the public, and our team, Release the Hounds cannot take dogs with aggressive tendencies on our group off-leash hikes and walks. Private walks and training walks are available for dogs with behavioural challenges.

Coquitlam Dog Walking Rates

At Release the Hounds we recognize that exercise is fundamental to your dog’s well being and we want to help when you can’t find the time, or simply aren’t able to get your dog out on that oh-so-important walk. With convenient pick-up and drop-off options from your home or office, our professionally trained staff will ensure your dog is safe and has a ton of good old-fashioned fun while in our care.

Group Off-leash Walk Packages*

Program Type Recurring Package
recurring weekly bookings
(i.e. Tues + Thurs)
Drop-in Package
intermittent weekly bookings
Casual Service Package
as needed
Explorer (1.5 hour) Coquitlam

Your dog will embark on adventures through the best areas Coquitlam has to offer, including Rocky Point Park, Burke Mountain, and Mundy Park during the 1.5 Hour Explorer. Perfect for high endurance dogs, our professional Coquitlam dog walkers ensure your dog plenty of exercise and socialization in a safe and fun environment.

The Explorer dog hikes are available Monday to Friday and, depending on your location, are available in both the morning and afternoon.

Morning Adventure hikes: pick-ups begin between 8:30 – 10:30am. Drop-offs are between 11:30am – 1:30pm.
Afternoon Adventure hikes: pick-ups begin between 11:30 am – 1:30pm. Drop-offs between 2:30- 4:30pm.

*Please note that due to potential traffic, construction, or weather constraints, all pick-up and drop-off times are approximate.

$31.60 $32.60 $34.60

* Prices listed are per walk. Please note walks are invoiced in packages of 10.
* ‘One-off walks’ are not part of our service offering.
* All purchases are 100% refundable for any reason. A $75 charge is applied if a minimum of the first 5 walks are not used.

Coquitlam Off-Leash Dog Parks

We know you love walking your dog as much as we do, so we’ve compiled a list of all the wonderful dog parks in the Coquitlam area for some outdoor bonding sessions. Enjoy!

Bramble Park

Address: 2775 Panorama Dr

Description: Open dawn until dusk, this fenced off leash dog area is situated just south of Bramble Park under the Hydro Right of Way, between Panorama Drive and David Avenue.

Miller Park

Address: 870 Oakview St

Description: Situated on the eastern portion of Miller Park. Open dawn until dusk.

Mundy Park

Address: 501 Mariner Way

Description: Located on the west side of Mariner Way in the hydro right-of-way, south of the Chilko Drive parking area. This site has a dedicated fenced area for large dogs and a separate similar fenced area for small dogs.

Access to the fenced areas is managed by a double gate system. The site is approximately a 3 to 5 minute walk from the Chilko parking area along an ashphalt pathway.

On the trails, dogs are permitted to run off-leash from dawn to 10:00 a.m. daily and must remain on the trail. Dogs must be on leash after 10:00 a.m. in all areas of the park.

Ridge Park

Address: 1736 Sugarpine Ct

Description: Open dawn until dusk.

Please note that all Coquitlam off-leash dog parks require dogs to be well behaved, have a current license, be leashed outside of off-leash areas, and their owners must clean up after them; no exceptions.

Did we miss your favourite Coquitlam dog park? Please email us with the park name, location, and a brief description, and we’ll add it to our list.

Coquitlam Dog Care

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
-Josh Billings

We believe in being part of our community, and that extends to our dog community of vets, trainers, dog walkers, animal welfare, and of course, dog boarding. At Release the Hounds we like to partner with like-minded affiliates that share the same values of professionalism, trust, and know how to have FUN!

Local Vets:

Meet our list of highly educated, professional veterinarians. These experts in their field ensure your pet is cared for as a member of the family should be: with the most current medical knowledge and techniques in a compassionate manner. We trust them to treat your pet to the best of their ability.

Eagle Ridge Animal Hospital

Since 1984 Eagle Ridge Animal Hospital has been caring for Coquitlam pets. American Animal Hospital Association accredited, Eagle Ridge offers a variety of medical  services as well as grooming and laser therapy needs.

Lincoln Animal Hospital

Specializing in medicine, preventative care, dentistry and surgery, Lincoln Animal Hospital’s exceptional client relations extend to ensuring your pet is treated like one of the family.

Local Trainers:

Sometimes that extra hand is required to educate our pups in how to become happy, well-adjusted members of the family. Sometimes, that extra hand belongs to the trained professionals who’ve dealt with hundreds of animals, each unique, and each adding another layer to their trainer’s grab-bag of practical and comprehensive experience. These trainers have seen it all, and are there to help right from puppyhood to your wit’s end.


Sandy’s Dog Training Services

Sandy Farrell is Canadian Institute of Professional Dog Trainers trained and accredited, helping Coquitlam dogs become better members of the household since 2009. She offers a variety of classes for various ages and levels of dog obedience.

Coquitlam Animal Shelter

Run by the city of Coquitlam, this local Animal Shelter is dedicated to harbouring domestic shelter animals and enforcing community animal bylaws. Looking to expand your family? The Coquitlam Animal Shelter has dogs up for adoption. They also offer educational tours, presentations, and school visits. To visit the website, click here.