Portrait of a Dog Walker: Featuring Matt Hein

From finance to dog walker, Matt Hein takes us through why he made such a drastic career move, his passion for keeping dogs active and his raw happiness for life in Norway

Portrait of a Dog Walker by Fredrik Harper, starring Matt Hein.

This seven and a half minute video paints a dog walker’s life perfectly; rewarding, fun, unexpected amounts of excitement!

A common theme amongst dog walkers, Matt Hein speaks about how rewarding it is to be able to take dogs out for adventures while their owners are unable to.

Happiness exploding out of the dogs before their walks and the satisfied sleepiness afterwards are just a couple more perks of the job.  Hein and Harper show these in action throughout the video.

“If money were absolutely no object, what would you choose to do in life?”

It may have taken Hein a few years with a couple of bumps in the road to figure out what his passion is in life, the point is he has found it, and dog walking sure looks good on him.

Click here to watch the all inspiring Portrait of a Dog Walker!




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