Proper Paw Care

How You Can Keep Your Dog Fresh On His Feet

doggy4When most people imagine winter months, they dream of trees dusted with fresh, white snow, blue skies, and a crisp breeze that leaves the face tingling. Our minds race at the thought of partaking in our favourite winter sports, sipping hot chocolate, and snuggling up to the fire. Everyone loves winter; even our dogs!

Unfortunately, the colder weather also has its disadvantages, and often humans and canines alike find themselves suffering from the same issues – dry and damaged skin.

The majority of dogs will experience heightened sensitivity in their pads during the winter months. This is caused by the use of harsh salts and deicing chemicals on the roads, sharp snow, and lack of moisture in the air. When exposed to these elements and weather changes, most dogs will suffer from dry and cracked pads.

Don’t fret! If your dog is showing signs of discomfort, we have some pawesome remedies to keep him fresh on his feet.

Preventative Paw Care

The easiest way to ensure that your pup has an enjoyable winter is to prevent his paws from doggy3drying out or becoming damaged. A simple sock or bootie is the best option to protect your dog’s pads from the harsh elements during these cold months.

There are many options for dog booties in the pet industry, ranging in quality and price.

If your dog lives an active lifestyle, investing in a high quality bootie is a must! Think of this purchase as an investment towards your dog’s health. Though a pair of dog boots may cost similar to human’s, they are equally as valuable.

When shopping for your dog’s boots, take the time to test multiple pairs. You will want to make sure that they are comfortable, durable, and will protect your dog’s entire paw. Higher quality boots will even extend past the first ankle joint, and cover a portion of your dog’s leg. This will not only prevent moisture from seeping in, but will also properly secure the boot to your pup.

Your dog may need a few “test runs” before he’s comfortable with his bootie. Be patient, and don’t be afraid to keep trying until you find the perfect pair!

If you are on the market for a new dog bootie, we suggest checking out MuttLuks and Canine Equipment.

Be sure to wash any salt or sand from your dog’s paws and moisturize after each walk. This will help prevent his pads from drying out!

Soothing Damaged Paws

doggy2Despite your best efforts to protect your pup’s paws, he may still suffer from dryness or cracking. Fortunately, this is an easy ailment to remedy!

Using a variety of natural ingredients, dog’s pads can be restored seemingly overnight, and the cost is much lower than a trip to your veterinarian. Welcome to the world of Paw Balm!

Paw Balm is a term used for a cream or ointment substance, made from natural ingredients, that can be used to soothe dry skin. Paw Balm may be used as a preventative measure during the hot or cold months, or it can be applied to damaged areas to restore moisture.

Many canine-centric companies have released a version of Paw Balm, but some pup parents choose to make their own at home.

Using a few simple ingredients, you can do the same – All you need is olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax!

Natural Doggy Paw Balm Recipe


  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • 2 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp of shea butter
  • 4 tsp of beeswax

*This recipe makes 6oz of Paw Balm


  • Using a small pot – or double boiler – over low heat, melt all four ingredients
  • Stir continuously until all ingredients are well blended
  • Remove the mixture from heat, and pour into desired container
  • Let the mixture cool on counter until it is a waxy consistency

Now you have your very own dog balm!05_safetytt_imageslice04

Apply Paw Balm to your dog’s pads before each walk, and before bed at night.

Paw Balm can also be used to protect your dog’s pads from extreme heat during the summer.

If you follow these simple tips, your dog is guaranteed to have a pup-tastic winter! Be sure to check back for more advice on caring for your furry best friend.

by Alyssa Castle

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