Reasons Why Vancouver Loves Dogs

Top Reasons Why Vancouver Cannot Get Enough of Dogs

Written by: Dr. Uri Burstyn

We are often amazed and thankful that we have the opportunity to work with dog owners in Vancouver.  It is so rewarding to see people deeply care about their dogs. Recognizing the joy that our canine family members bring to our life seems like second nature to many of us, but have you ever wondered why this is?

The hard-working researchers at the UBC culture lab love to point out that just about everything we do is dictated by the culture that surrounds us.  I don’t think anyone would argue that Vancouver has some of the highest levels of environmental awareness and social consciousness in North America. We also have a serious love affair with our doggy companions. All of these are altruistic concerns, and it is not an accident that so many people in this city share a culture of altruism!

Culture as the Influencer

Culture has a huge influence on our lives and everything that we do. Among other things, culture is derived from an educated population, high morals and values that were adopted from our elders, and levels of resource competition. As a result of all these factors working together, we are surrounded by folks with a strong sense of social responsibility who take care of others and on average are more likely to be altruistic than selfish. Vancouverites go beyond loving only their human community; they adore their beloved dogs as well. In fact, the people of Vancouver pride themselves on how pet-friendly the community is. Besides, pets are our companions that help us lead a richer and more loving life! In turn, we must return this appreciation by allowing our furry family members to lead a healthy, enriched life as well. Dog walking in Vancouver’s beautiful trails is only one way to get you and your pup the proper exercise. You can bask in the Vancouver magnificence while trekking alongside other like-minded residents, commercial dog walkers and the North Shore cyclists; who all share that same healthy cultured lifestyle.

There is no question we love a great quality of life here in Vancouver and we extend this to our pets. It has led to a booming trend of services for our dogs. One example is kennel-free boarding, which is extremely beneficial for dogs and cats that are not familiar or comfortable with being in a kennel.

Since Vancouver is one of the most dog populated urban cities in the world at over 200,000 dogs, there is no doubt that Vancouverites enjoy staying on trend for their furry friends. Perhaps our dogs do not know the difference, but it is comforting knowing that we are able to give them the best.

People love to joke about designer dog collars, little dogs in jackets in Yaletown, and yes, even our highly dedicated dog walkers.  But, these are all signs that the people of this city are taking their responsibility for the welfare of their dog seriously.  While dogs may or may not need embroidered jackets, we think it is wonderful that people care enough about their pets to buy them one, and we are always thankful that we can be a part of their lives; helping keep their canine companions strong and healthy and looking good.

It is amazing when you think about it, Vancouverites love their dogs. We care about a healthy culture and find it terribly difficult to not include their dog in this endeavour. Unconditional love is a part of a Vancouver lifestyle, as is caring for their pets. From designer dog collars to getting muddy from head to toe in a mountain hike, Vancouver loves dogs.


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