Release the Hounds Attends DreamForce 2014

DreamForce recognizes Release the Hounds’ customer loyalty strategy, inviting James Woller as a guest speaker


Last month James Woller, president of Release the Hounds, was invited to present a breakout session at Dreamforce 2014 – the largest business and technology conference in the world. With over 135,000 attendees, including guests such as The Beach Boys, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Neil Young, Will.I.Am, Tony Robbins, and even Bruno Mars, Dreamforce took over downtown San Francisco.

[pullquote]Release the Hounds has proven it is progressive in its thinking and usage of technology to better service its customers and offer more value.[/pullquote]

DreamForce is the annual conference hosted by SalesForce – the largest CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform in the world.  Release the Hounds has been using the SalesForce platform for over 3 years and has been nominated and recognized on multiple occasions for their creative and effective implementation of the customer-focused platform, including a story analysis on the website. The way they have customized the platform allows them to create a dog profile and add all the important information necessary for taking care of and keeping dogs safe. This includes health information, behaviour notes, photos and general information like breed, age and any type of allergies. Release the Hounds also uses SalesForce for scheduling all their daily walks – and shows a synced calendar for each of the team members in order to see their group(s) for the day.

James was asked to speak on tips to increase customer loyalty. Release the Hounds has been recognized for its outstanding customer service, which has led to a high level of customer loyalty.

Ultimately, the DreamForce experience had a profound impact and was a great honour for Release the Hounds. As technology continues to impact what is called ‘the internet of things’ (connecting devices to the internet like toothbrushes, real estate signs, etc), Release the Hounds is constantly looking to better the service it offers, and care, it provides for its dogs. From GPS tracking, daily emails about the walk, to quick and more informed customer service, Release the Hounds continues to be a progressive dog walking company in Vancouver.



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