Safe Summer Dog Boarding: Checklist edition

Finding a reliable person to care for your dog while you go on vacation

Finding a reliable person to care for your dog while you go on vacation can be a daunting task. 

Check out the Safe Summer Boarding Checklist to help ease your nerves before your next vacation!

That awkward moment when you arrive to pick up your dog from a family member or close friend after your much-needed vacation and the signs are obvious; your furry friend did not have an enjoyable dog boarding experience.

Hopefully, you have never experienced this, as it can be quite upsetting for everyone involved.  Listed below is a checklist to help prevent this and to ensure your dog has a fun and safe dog boarding adventure with trusted people.

Safe Summer Dog Boarding Checklist

  • How well do you know the family?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Do they have experience (boarding) with dogs?
  • How well does your dog know them?
  • Does your dog enjoy being in their home?
  • Will the family have the appropriate time for your dog?
    • How active will they be while boarding your dog?
    • Will they be able to stay on an appropriate feeding schedule?
    • Do they have time to give your dog pee breaks throughout the day?
  • Is their home a safe environment?

We hope this Safe Summer Dog Boarding Checklist guides you in the right direction.  In order to feel extra safe with your dog boarding choice, please refer to another Release the Hounds article on Dog Safety.

Enjoy your summer vacation!


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