The Benefits of In-Home Boarding

In House Dog Boarding

Being a dog parent is a 24/7 responsibility, but there are times where unfortunately you’ll have to leave your furry friend behind. Whether it’s for a work trip or a vacation, you’ll be faced with wondering how he or she will be looked after in your absence.


For a lot of pet owners this is a huge decision. Every dog is different and their care most often needs to be personalized, and as the pet industry spending continues to grow (a whopping $75.38 billion forecasted for this year), the options are also growing. So for those who are a bit leery of the traditional, old-style, kennel boarding experience, there’s now a pretty awesome alternative: in-home boarding.


How In-Home Boarding Works


Rather than dropping off your dog at a kennel with cold cages and houses multiple clients, in-home boarding allows someone to come to your home to watch over your pup or have you drop them off at the sitters’ house.


With these in-home boarding and house-sitting options you can often pick and choose who you’d like to use based on their experience level, ability to administer medication, activity level, whether or not they house other animals, and more. Sometimes you may be able to find a sitter who also specializes in training so that your pup can work in some lessons while you’re away!


Many sitters are open to doing meet and greets prior to the dates that you’ll be out of town so that they can get to know your dog and get a basic understanding of their personality and routine. You can also have them tour your home, or you tour their’s, so everyone feels comfortable with the arrangements before you leave town.


In Home BoardingWhat Are the Benefits of In-Home Boarding?


Where to start?! In-home boarding allows your dog individualized attention with regular walks and feedings, and maybe even trips to a local park (if he’s up for the adventure!). It’s something that can be completely tailored to your dog’s needs.


Some sitters house multiple pets at the same time, which may be a great socialization tool that suits your dog. For one family in Delaware it was so great that their dog didn’t want to come home! “She got along well with the other dogs that were boarding and played nicely. I don’t think she wanted to come home!” they wrote.


If you choose to have a sitter come stay at your house, in-home boarding works wonders for dogs who suffer from anxiety, since staying in their own familiar place is especially preferably over a new place with other animals there. Plus, it doubles as housesitting! Bonus! In fact, Wag offers $1,000,000 in home insurance for extra peace of mind.


The sitters will typically send you updates with pictures throughout the stay, so you’ll never have to wonder what your beloved pup is up to while you’re away. Many sites have a messaging service so that you can be in constant communication in case you have any last minute questions or tips.


So How Much Does it Cost?


Honestly, it depends! Many sitters adjust their rates based on experience and background, their ability to administer medication or handle difficult dogs or those with health issues, how many animals they’re willing to sit at once, and so on. It also depends on where you live or are visiting. For cities like New York or Los Angeles, the price tag can understandably be a little heftier.


Still, in-home boarding in comparison to kennel boarding can be a much cheaper option. The national average for kennel boarding is $40 per night, whereas in-home boarding can go as low as $20.


But Is There Another Option?


Sometimes you don’t necessarily want a sitter in your own personal space, or you don’t feel comfortable leaving your pet in theirs. But the thought of a kennel doesn’t exactly feel right either. Well, there is another alternative.


Recently there’s been an influx of luxury pet resorts hitting the market that are essentially a five-star retreat for your pooch. Our sister company, Jet Pet, in particular offers bells and whistles that will blow Bow Wow’s mind! What sets them apart is that pups get their own private suite to stay in each night.


Not only are there a variety of luxurious suite options in their dog hotel to choose from, they also have extensive indoor and outdoor facilities that offer your dog a spacious, clean, and fun environment no matter where they choose to go. It’s a clean and safer alternative to traditional dog kennels and caters to all breeds, sizes, and personalities.

Jet Pet Luxury Suite


Find What Works For You


At the end of the day, having to choose a method of care for your dog while you’re away is not an easy one. And it may be something that takes time to figure out. But knowing that there are options like in-home boarding and pet resorts like Jet Pet can certainly ease your worries about being apart from your best pet pal.


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