Top 11 Vancouver Dog Trainers Ranked

Best Vancouver Dog Trainers

Do you look forward to walking your dog every afternoon, but wish they would stop pulling on the leash so much? Or perhaps you cringe every time you see someone walking towards your house because you know your dog is going to explode into a ball of barks as soon as your doorbell rings. No matter what problem you’re having with your dog – from minor to major, and from behavioral to anxiety, recall, obedience, or anything else – getting the advice of a qualified Vancouver dog trainer can make all the difference.

Just when you feel like you’re all alone and no-one else has ever experienced the same dog training problems that you’re currently going through, a conversation with one of the many expert dog trainers Vancouver has to offer will soon make you realize that there are plenty of other people who have not only experienced the same problem but overcome it as well.

If you would like to experience a better, more enjoyable, and less stressful relationship with your dog, consider contacting one of the following Vancouver dog trainers.

Here’s Our Rankings of The Best 11 Vancouver Dog Trainers in Vancouver


Oh My Dog - Trainer

11. Oh My Dog!

If you believe that kindness and patience are the keys to effective dog training, Oh My Dog! could be the perfect Vancouver dog obedience training provider you’re looking for. Always aiming to bring out the best in every dog, the trainers at Oh My Dog! use positive reinforcement methods without resorting to intimidation, brute force, or dominance techniques. Instead, they’re qualified dog trainers who understand that a dog’s natural instinct includes a keen desire to learn and that spontaneous and openhearted cooperation can be achieved simply by using love, patience, and kindness to bring out the best in every dog.

Oh My Dog! offers group classes in basic and advanced obedience, along with classes specifically aimed at young puppies. For those looking to take their dog training to the next level and ramp up their exercise levels, dog agility classes are always a lot of fun. To kickstart your training, many people choose to start with one or more private consultations.


Discover Dogs

10. Discover Dogs

The team at Discover Dogs are some of the more unique dog trainers in Vancouver BC because their philosophy is that it is humans that need to be trained, rather than their dogs. Rather than focusing on what dogs need to do to improve, their philosophy is that humans need to be coached on how to have better interactions with their dogs. This training style can address all the usual forms of problem behavior that dog owners express, including socialization, confident off-leash walking and playing, and excellent leash walking skills.

Discover Dogs offer private coaching in the comfort of your home, and also offer video coaching to help people in remote locations. Once you’re confident in your dog or puppy’s ability to interact properly within a group environment, Discover Dogs offer a variety of group classes for puppies and older dogs alike, which include essential training techniques and enjoyable games and tricks.


Zen Dog Training

9. Zen Dog Canine Training

Established in 2002, Zen Dog Canine Training is one of the oldest Vancouver therapy dog training providers still in operation. The trainers at Zen Dog Canine Training believe in only utilizing strategies and training that are based on positive reinforcement, and never utilize fear, intimidation, or punishment training techniques. If you’re interested in why positive reinforcement consistently provides better dog training results, check out 10 reasons why punishment fails in dog training.

Offering a mixture of private consultations, group classes, and distance sessions, the team at Zen Dog Canine Training can help you and your dog work through issues with on-leash reactivity, impulse control, focus, and other formal and informal obedience training. With obedience training offered in three different levels, many people choose to work through levels one and two at their own pace and then stay in level 3 as they enjoy spending regular time with the amazing community of dogs and humans committed to sharing a special bond of love, trust, and respect.


Karma Dog Vancouver

8. Karma Dog Training

Karma Dog Training was founded by Jeffrey Leibowitz, who once said that humans who have chosen to raise dogs have an enormous responsibility to shape how their dogs see the world. Depending on training techniques utilized, dogs will either see the world as a place of love or a place of fear. You can train dogs using techniques that either breaks their spirit or uplift their spirit: the only difference is how each training technique makes you feel deep inside.

If you agree with this peaceful and loving philosophy, you’ll find Karma Dog Training to be one of the best dog trainers Vancouver has to offer. Rather than “commands”, you’ll learn how to teach the seven requests for success, which include the following – go to your bed, leave it, heel, down, come, stay, and watch me. You’ll also learn how to train dogs without the use of treats along with 16 house rules everyone should follow, and a simple, three-step formula to take care of any problem behaviors that may occur in the future.


Canine Solutions

7. Canine Solutions

Canine Solutions is headed by Drew Warner, a dog trainer and personal coach who tailors dog training solutions to each client’s individual needs. All training sessions are conducted at your home as Drew believes it’s in this environment that your dog is most likely to learn and feel safe and happy.

Drew at Canine Solutions is considered one of the top dog trainers in Vancouver BC because his techniques are based on animal psychology and cover issues including leash pulling, not coming when called, possessiveness, jumping, and problems walking and playing off-leash.

Drew offers packages that include a choice of three, six, or nine private coaching sessions that take place inside your home. All packages include a booklet detailing different aspects of dog psychology that can help you connect with your dog, as well as all training supplies you may need.

Drew also offers a Pack Walk Clinic for clients and their dogs who have previously graduated from his program.


Dog Smart Training & Daycare

6. DOGSmart Training & Daycare

In addition to a doggy daycare center, DOGSmart Training offers a range of dog training and obedience programs led by board-certified specialists. All training takes place inside their purpose-built 4000 square foot modern indoor training center, which is perfect for people who want to take their dog to a neutral environment to kickstart their training and address problem behaviors.

If you’re specifically looking to curb your dog’s reactive behaviors, DOGSmart Training provides some of the best aggressive dog training Vancouver has to offer. Aggression in dogs is often seen as a failing on the part of the owner, and in most cases is unfair and unjustified. DOGSmart Training tackles aggressive and reactive dog’s head-on, offering private training to help owners of reactive dogs to understand the problem and to come up with an individualized plan to reduce or eliminate the unwanted behaviors.


Dizine Canine

5. Dizine Canine Pet Dog Training

If you’re looking for some of the most experienced reactive dog training Vancouver has to offer, your first stop should be Dizine Canine Pet Dog Training. The trainers at Dizine are certified and highly experienced at dealing with aggression, reactivity, and other tricky canine behavioral challenges. The trainers only use positive based reinforcement methods and specifically reject the use of shock, choke, and prong collars.

Whether your dog is destroying your furniture, displaying poor leash walking skills, inappropriately barking or jumping up on people, or behaving aggressively or reactively, the team at Dizine has the skills and expertise ready to help. Their philosophy begins with building a solid relationship between humans and dogs based on trust and mutual respect. From there, they teach you how to motivate your dog to make good choices, regardless of their age, breed, or temperament.


Dharma Dog Services

4. Dharma Dog Services

Many issues that people experience with their dogs come down to an erroneous belief that dogs automatically know what they are “supposed” to do and are deliberately making the wrong choices. Dharma Dog Services and one of the more unique providers of dog training Vancouver has to offer because they share a very different philosophy. Just as children need to be taught appropriate ways to behave in private and in public, dogs similarly are not born with built-in knowledge of how they are expected to behave in the human world. Whether you’re experiencing problems with your dog at home or in public, your dog needs to be taught what is expected so that you can share an enjoyable, happy life together.

The experienced trainers at Dharma Dog Services tailor customized and focused individual training plans to suit every family’s unique circumstances. Rather than pigeon-holing a dog based on their breed, the trainers know to look at your dog’s temperament to best locate the source of any problems and to find a seamless path towards improvement.


Legacy Canine Behavior

3. Legacy Canine Behavior and Training

Founded back in 1975, Legacy Canine Training and Behaviour was built on fundamental principles of building excellent, sustainable relationships based on mutual understanding and respect between dogs and humans.

Dog training at Legacy is not solely focused on the dog. Rather, their qualified dog trainers believe that those on “both ends of the leash” need to modify their behavior to reach a level of mutual trust and understanding. With training methods based on the philosophy of seeking to catch dogs in the act of doing the right thing, the trainers at Legacy show people how to set up your dog and the environment so that it’s easy and natural for your dog to make a positive choice, then how to reward your dog appropriately. Rewards include interactions, toys, and food as appropriate, while always recognizing that all dogs respond differently to certain types of rewards.


Canine Connection Vancouver Dog Training

2. Annika McDade

Annika McDade is a multi-certified canine behavior specialist and professional dog trainer.

The owner of Canine Connection Training, Annika has an enormous wealth of experience including working with Great Pyrenees and wolves for films, to working in a busy city pound to assess aggressive dogs.

Through her varied training services including one-on-one private consultations, group classes, and behavior assessments, Annika tackles an enormous range of dog behavior issues, including aggression and reactivity, jumping, biting and pulling on the leash, guarding resources, separation anxiety, problems with recall, and barking issues of all kinds. If your dog has a problem with barking, you may like to read our ultimate guide for how to stop dog barking – growling and barking solutions.

While Annika offers puppy training programs to guide young puppies through their crucial first 20 weeks, she also believes that dogs of any age can be trained to have good manners and become a pleasant, contributing member of any family.


Niki Perry Vancouver Dog Trainer

1. Niki Perry

Niki Perry is a behavior consultant who tackles dog behavior and obedience problems in a slightly different way to other more traditional dog trainers. Focused on teaching empowered decision-making techniques, Niki believes that empowerment will consistently achieve better dog training results than attempts to suppress unwanted behaviors.

Instead, Niki’s techniques teach dogs to understand how their behaviors cause certain consequences.

Dogs are far more intelligent than many people give them credit for, and if the training is approached in the right way, dogs soon learn that making the right choices causes desirable consequences.

This takes the boredom and monotony out of dog training, making it a fun and worthwhile process for both the dog and the owner.

Niki relies on clicker training to reinforce positive behaviors and has written extensively on the topic. If potty training is an issue, you may be interested in these potty training tips for dogs by Niki Perry.


Whether you decide to go for one-on-one dog training consultations or take advantage of one of the many dog training classes Vancouver dog trainers have to offer, you can be assured that your dog trainer will be able to help you with all the specific problems you are currently experiencing with your dog.

When your dog is exhibiting undesirable behaviors of any kind and you just don’t know what to do, don’t suffer in silence. Always remember that there are plenty of other dog owners who have been through the same issues in the past, and most dog problems – whether behavioral, obedience related, or anything else – are easily solved if you follow the right advice.

Feel free to choose from one of the top 11 Vancouver dog trainers ranked above, and while you’re waiting for your appointment or training class, check out our top 10 tips on how to train your dog.


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