Top 5 Tips on Naming Your New Dog

There once was a cat named Dog.  As ironic as this may be, your dog most likely would not want to be named Cat.

Whether this is your first dog or lucky number eleven, naming your new friend is both exciting and a tad nerve-wracking.  In fear of giving them a name that is not well suited, hard to pronounce or trending, people always turn for help in naming their dog.

Here are the top five ways you can be sure to give them a name they will love!

1)   Personality

Personality is one of the most important key factors in naming a pet. Make sure to take time in getting to know the personality; there is no rush in picking a name. As an example, the name Boomer for high energy, curiosity-driven and playful dog makes sense. Or Harold, for the more sophisticated types of breeds.

2)   Trending names

Some people enjoy these more popular names, while others like to stray from the pack. Both ways are pawsitively fine, as long as it suits your furball. Remember this is no easy task, take your time, there is no rush.

3)   Easy pronunciation

Pronunciation could be a tricky one for various reasons. Always include the kids in the naming process so as to make sure everyone can say the name correctly with ease. Also, picking a name that can have different pronunciations can get confusing for the dog. Test the name out with different people to make sure it works.

4)   Keeping it short and sweet

Keeping it short and sweet and under two syllables seems to be easier for dogs to catch on to. Bru-no and Patch would be less of a challenge than “Is-a-bell-a” or “Finn-i-gan”. As fantastic as the names Isabella and Finnigan are, perhaps shortening them is more ideal, especially during the early puppy months.

5)   Physical attributes and breed

Physical attributes and breed may play a part as well. Naming your chocolate lab Cocoa may be a perfect fit. In comparison as comedic as it may seem, naming your teacup Chihuahua, Killer may not be as becoming.

Hopefully, this list helps aid you further when picking a fitting name for your new family member.  One last tip when picking a name, you must remember to pick a name that also suits you just as much as it will suit your pet.


The Top 10 Trending Dog Names

1)   Bailey

dog-naming2)   Maggie

3)   Charlie

4)   Molly

5)   Finn

6)   Max

7)   Daisy

8)   Sophie

9)   Buddy

10) Bella


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