What to Put in a Dog Kit

As professional dog walkers, the team at Release the Hounds know a few tricks of the trade and know exactly what we would put in our Dog Kit so everyone stays happy and organized.

Let’s be honest, caring for a dog can be hard work no matter the age, or breed.  Not only do dogs need love and attention, proper nutrition and exercise, they also need someone who is going to be patient, trustworthy and organized. This is why we have created a dog kit that will help you stay prepared for all your dog adventures.


KONGs are amazing! They are a multiuse toy that will keep your dog entertained and less anxious.

Want to keep your dog occupied while you are out doing errands or need to get some work done around the house? Stuff some peanut butter, or kibble inside and let your dog go nuts with it (no pun intended).

Or fill up a larger sized KONG with your dog’s next meal and let them work for it. This tactic is good for the dog that needs a bit more mental stimulation, typically seen in working dog breeds.

Letting your dog chew on the KONG can also be really good for relieving any tension in their jaw. This can be helpful for dogs that have a lot of anxiety or reactivity towards people or other animals. This chewing technique redirects the built-up anxiety or frustration to the KONG, rather than objects around them, ie furniture, people, fellow furry friends.

Warning: Be sure to provide enough free space for your dog without other animal or human distractions, as some dogs can resource guard their favourite toys.

Harness, collars, jackets and leashesruffwear orange collars

Ruffwear is always a fantastic, durable option. Their website has an endless amount of products to search through and many retailers carry them throughout Canada. Many of our dog clients use Ruffwear with no complaints.

Chuck it! Ball Launchers

A really awesome accessory to put in your Dog Kit. This Chuck it! Ball Launcher is known to keep an active dog occupied for hours. It also happens to be a great way to get fit with your dog.


Nutrition for your dog is probably the most important aspect of this Dog Kit. Happy belly equals happy dog!

There are so many benefits to feeding your dog Acana. Most importantly, this Canadian company only sources locally and makes all products within its Albertan facilities. Even though Acana’s price point is a little on the higher end of average, the quality outweighs the cost by far. You really do get what you pay for with Acana.

Poop Bags

All dogs need ‘em, we might as well be nice to the environment at the same time. Release the Hounds has just recently started using Earth Rated. So far, these bags are poop-tastic!

This Dog Kit should provide you with products, that will ensure you are the most organized dog owner, thus allowing your dog the happiest and healthiest life possible. After all, we love our dogs and really want the best for them.


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