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Working from Home?

Are your furry home co-workers getting the walks they need?

Just because you’re at home and not in the office doesn’t mean you can grab the leash at any time to go for a walk. We can help.

Safety in Every Step

Last updated:
July 11, 2021

Safe Dog Walks Completed

Your dog is part of your family, so while in our care, they’re a part of ours. We have incorporated safety measures into every aspect of our services, whether out on a walk or in overnight care, so that while your pup is having fun, you can have peace of mind.

Why Us

Your pet means the world to you, which is why we care for them like one of the family. Release the Hounds provides your pup with premium care by qualified professionals, built on the fundamental principle of Safety First.

Find out more about why we stand apart from the pack when it comes to custom care for your pup and why so many pet-parents are choosing us.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying…

Meet Anjuli Bhatia, proud parent of Shomba, a ‘cool’ Ridgeback. Shomba loves playing with his buddies in the trails and coming home to his favourite place in the living room to pass-out on his chair.

We have been caring for Shomba since 2012 when he was just a puppy.

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The Right
Walk for Your Dog

Release the Hounds has developed a range of dog walking programs to provide the right care for your dog. Each walk is structured around the fundamentals of safety and professionalism to ensure your pup enjoys their walk in a fun and nurturing environment.

Find out more about our dog walking services and what we offer in your area.

Overnight Stays
Our House or Yours

Our intimate, in-home boarding and house-sitting approach provides your pup with professional, loving care while you’re away. We do all the work up front ensuring your pup’s needs are matched with the perfect sitter.

Find out more about our customized approach to overnight care.


We’re all having too much just the right amount of fun!
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