Terms of Service

Working from Home?

At Release the Hounds we like to think of our relationship with our clients and their dogs as part of the greater “Hounds Family.” As with any family, there are expectations and responsibilities for every member.

General Terms of Service

Drop-in or Last Minute Scheduling

We welcome drop-ins and last minute bookings and will do our best to accommodate your pup! But please understand that our schedule may already be filled for your requested drop-in date and time.

Dog Walking Cancellations

We understand that plans can change. We only ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible if you need to change a previously scheduled dog walking service. To avoid being charged for the service, please send us an email to hello@releasethehounds.ca with your notice to cancel before 9 AM the day before your walk is scheduled.

Dog Boarding Cancellations

Our home-stay dog boarding team often alters their plans to cater to the dogs in their care. We also receive multiple inquiries for the same day or time of year due to the high demand for this service. For these reasons, we require full payment of the invoice to confirm your booking with us.  We do not offer refunds for this service but can give credit to you to use either in the future for boarding or any of the other services that we offer. You will receive a full refund if we fail to secure an approved team member in the allotted time, which would be within two weeks before the start of your boarding date.


Release the Hounds operates on a pre-payment basis for all services. We ask that invoices be paid upon receipt through credit card payment. There will be a 2% processing fee that will be added to each invoice. Please note that payments made more than 10 days after the invoice due date may be charged an administration fee of $30 plus 2% per month on outstanding balances.

Dogtastically Happy Guarantee

Your satisfaction means everything to us. If you’re not 100% Dogtastically Happy with our dog walking service on any particular day, please tell us how we can improve the situation and we’ll move mountains to make it right, or provide a full refund.

Our guarantee is exactly what we say it is. No hidden small print or difficult ways to claim the guarantee! If there is a day where you are unsatisfied with the service you received, all you need to do is get in touch, give us feedback, and we will make it right.

Dog Walking Terms of Service

House Key for Pick-up and Drop-off

Prior to the first walk, should a key be required for home access, Release The Hounds offers multiple options for a seamless experience.

  • CONCIERGE/DOORMAN – If you live in a condo or apartment where the lockbox is not an option, we can facilitate leaving the key with a doorman or concierge.
  • COLLECTION – If the concierge is not an option, a time will be arranged for a free collection of the key by one of our team.

Keeping Your House Key Safe

Your key is always tagged and safely stored in a lockbox when it is in our care. Only the team member walking your pup for that day will be in possession of the key for the duration of the service before it is returned to the lockbox.

Dog Walking Requirements

Before your dog walks with us, Release the Hounds requires that you complete our online application form. Also, please provide a properly fitted buckle or martingale collar that has a legal City license attached. It is important that the collar cannot be pulled off over your dog’s head. We will provide the leash, treats and towel for drying off after the walk.

Whether to Walk the Dogs or Not, Depends on the Weather

Release the Hounds’ services are on a “safety first” basis during inclement weather. This means we will take the group out until they get too cold, too hot, or are in any type of potential harm due to the weather. In the best interest of safety we may return to the vehicle to warm up and go out again when conditions improve. In the rare case that we have to cancel a walk entirely due to severe weather, we send you an email by 8am the day of service cancellation. Please note cancelled walks are a rarity as weather needs to be extreme.

Injuries While on the Walk

If your dog gets injured on a walk and needs to see a veterinarian, we will attempt to contact you first, and if necessary, your emergency contact. If we cannot reach you, we will take your dog to a local veterinarian affiliated with Release the Hounds. We may authorize treatment on your behalf up to the amount you indicate on your initial service agreement and liability waiver. We strongly recommend you carry emergency health insurance for your dog.

Drying Off After the Walk

We walk dogs in natural environments and that sometimes means water and mud. We will do our best to towel off your dog, but there will likely still be evidence of the fun they had with us! If you would like us to leave your dog in a specific room, or in a crate or x-pen, please let us know.

Dog Trail Walking Manners and Dog-Gone Good Behaviour

Our group dog walks and particularly our hikes are primarily off-leash. For the safety of your dog and others on the hike, it is extremely important that each dog have a strong recall and stay with the group.
Dogs that are unable to recall, run after wildlife, “exhibit aggression”, or show bad trail manners will be offered training on a referral basis to one of our affiliate Vancouver dog trainers, and as a transitionary service, private leashed dog walks. Once a dog exhibits positive manners, a group off-leash dog walk will be offered. We want all dogs to be able to enjoy off-leash, group dog walks, but safety for all of our furry guests is always our primary focus and concern.

To learn more, please call us at 604-327-DOGS (3647) or send us a message.