Which Human Foods Are Dangerous For Dogs? [Infographic]

Caring pet owners are acutely aware of the food they allow their dogs to eat, as well as the hazards of potentially harmful foods that their dogs might get at. New owners are often curious about which foods pose a serious danger because they want to know they aren’t feeding poison to their pup.

We’ve put together a visual list of foods that are commonly asked about and added a caution score – the higher, the more dangerous. Consumption of small to medium-sized amounts of the highly dangerous foods on this list are likely to be significantly damaging to your dog, or lethal.

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Human Foods Dogs Can and Can't Eat

Dog Food FAQ

What human food can I feed my dog?

You can’t feed your dog human food” is just a myth. Treat your little buddy with fruits and veggies and see them munching on these items with delight. Fruits are not only tasty to eat, but they also provide vitamins to your dog. You can also offer your dog white rice cooked with chicken or beef stock, dairy products like cheese and yogurt, cooked meat and -to your surprise- peanut butter too. Dogs are keen eaters and adore new and fresh food items every now and then.

What fruit is safe for a dog to eat?

Fruits can provide your pooch with all the necessary nutrients including minerals and vitamins. Carrots and cucumbers provide Vitamin K and vitamin A to the fog which is good for the skin. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and fibers and improve your dog’s health. Another safe and healthy fruit for your little buddy can be bananas. When offered in moderate quantities, bananas can provide magnesium and potassium to the dog leaving the bones healthy and strong. Watermelon is a great pick in summers, as a healthy fruit feast.

Is rice good for dogs?

Rice -either white or brown- are a rich source of carbohydrates and fats. Cooked rice can be a very yummy treat for your pups, serve them with cubed meat or soaked in meat stock to savour up the taste. Brown rice amasses greater quantities of proteins and a lesser quantity of fats while white rice has greater carbohydrates and provides instant energy to the dogs. Overall, rice is a good food option to be given to your pet dog.

What are the ten best dog foods?

The best dog food is a food that is healthy for your dog and has all the essential nutritional elements in it. The ten best foods that would keep your dog healthy are Meat including pork, chicken, fish and beef. Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is very healthy to eat. Besides meat, other best foods for the dog are Carrots, cucumber, apples, blueberries, rice, milk cheese, yogurt, beans and popcorn.

Read more about our top dog safety tips.


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