Gear Up For Summer With Your Dog In Vancouver

Now that the Easter Bunny has come and gone, get your dog ready for Summer in Vancouver with an extended list of pet-friendly accommodations, off-leash dog parks and trails!

Whether you are travelling to Vancouver or already live in this beautiful dog-friendly city, there are many amazing ideas to help you organize your Summer. From hiking to beaches there is something for everyone.

Here is a list of dog-tastic ideas throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas!


We compiled a list of off-leash dog parks!

A trip would not be complete without a list of pet-friendly accommodations


From accommodations to hiking and off-leash dog parks, here is your go-to pet-friendly Whistler information Click here

Vancouver Island

Here is a list of pet-friendly accommodations for Vancouver Island

Hiking and Trails

Or if you and your pup are craving something a little more on the wild side, here is a list of dog-friendly hiking trails (filter the map by dog friendly!)

Want to venture outside of Vancouver? Here is an extended list of off-leash areas surrounding Vancouver

As always, be mindful of your furry friend, clean up after them and make sure they are not disturbing the peace.

Be safe and enjoy the rest of Spring and have a sun-filled Summer!


Looking to board your dog this summer? Check out our safe summer boarding tips.


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